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Fresh Meat Light

T8 light tube for meat

The pink meat LED tube is designed to replace Osram Natura colour 76 meat tubes. It can not only give the people comfortable feeling, but also help to find the smudgy.


  • 2016 Pink tube lights
  • Integrated Driver Option
  • Anti-shock, anti-hit
  • Different beam angle
  • Easy to Install

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Power 600mm: 7W
900mm: 9W
1200mm: 12W
Input 100-240V AC
LED Original Epistar LED
Red led:Blue led >600mm: 2:1 5:1 8:1
900mm: 3:1 4:1 9:1
1200mm:2:1 3:1 5:1 7:1 11:1
Irradiated area 600mm: 0.2㎡/0.5m
900mm: 0.5㎡/0.5m
1200mm: 0.8㎡/0.5m
Wavelength Red led @ 630nm; Blue led @ 460nm
Led Qty 600mm: 144pcs
900mm: 200pcs
1200mm: 288pcs
PF >0.9
Material Aluminum body+PC cover
Dimension 600mm: 590*26mm
900mm: 890*26mm
1200mm: 1198*26mm
IP grade IP20